tv film work

Authentic set displays, props, lighting, re-enactments and fight displays

Over the last 23 years the years The Clan have been involved in many film and television productions.

We can offer many services within this area and we have specially trained actors and stunt performers with many years experience working from small productions to huge film sets.

Add Value To Your Production

Props, Stunts, Set Displays and Combat

The Clann has the capability to add value to any production either in the form of props, stunts or combat arrangements. The skills at our disposal includes set design, allowing grips and lighting to move freely around the performers but still resulting in an authentic look.

The list of props is continually growing and ranges from period weaponry to table ware and furniture. What we don’t have in stock can often be produced by Clann engineers and craftsmen to your specification resulting in a cost effective set design.

Not Only Scottish Productions

Commercials, TV Drama and Film

The Clann does not type cast itself to only Scottish related productions - although this is our primary role. We can adapt to almost any period or situation that is required. The Clann featured in the Scottish Power series of TV commercials, as well as The Highlander and a production for the Discovery Channel named Ancient Warriors,

If you would like to find out more about how The Clann can contribute to your film or television productions, please get in touch.

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