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Unique and spectacular, action packed Scottish entertainment for corporate events.

If you are planning a corporate event, The Clann can provide colourful, and spectacular Scottish themed entertainment that will ensure your event is remembered for years to come.

From fight displays to guards of honour with flaming torches, you can be sure that the entertainment will not only be unique but will be performed with professionalism, attention to detail and safety focussed.

Fight Displays

The highlight of any event

Our Highland Warrior team creates sensational displays of swordsmanship and stunt fighting. Spectacular sword and axe sequences that are action-movie quality. It’s the closest you’ll get without a time machine! There is a lot of humour incorporated into the performance and there is also audience participation where the clansmen will dress a volunteer in The Great Plaid (traditional kilt) and offer them the opportunity to test their mettle and swordsmanship against one of our experienced stunt team.

Guards of Honour

Including horses & dogs

Our friendly highlanders can meet and greet your guests as they arrive at an event. Highlanders with flaming torches, highlanders on horse back, Scottish deer hounds, all give the guests great photo opportunities and an impressive start to the evening.

It’s equally as impressive concluding the event.

Theming and Camps.

Scottish Medieval Ambiance

Medieval encampments with authentic medieval tents, flags, armour, fires, braziers make the perfect location for pre-dinner drinks receptions and private parties.

We supply a range of Medieval camp designs from small camps to large fully working camps any of which can include cooking and/or blacksmith scenes. Our designs are free-standing and can be used indoors and out to enhance your Scottish theme. We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality service whilst remaining client focused.

The Clann have extensive experience in creating the perfect Scottish entertainment for your event and pride themselves on their attention to detail and professional approach to every event. If you would like to find out more about how The Clann can make your event extra special, please get in touch.

“ Unique Scottish Entertainment For Your Corporate Event. ”